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Amalgam and Composite Fillings in Port Moody, BC

Fillings can restore a tooth after a cavity or other damage affects its structural integrity. We use fillings as a preventative measure that restores health to your existing natural teeth, allowing you to hold onto those natural teeth for longer. Our dental clinic provides multiple options for filling materials, including amalgam fillings or tooth-coloured composite resin fillings. We can also provide replacement fillings, which patients often prefer to their old metal fillings.

What to Expect from a Filling Appointment

Fillings are a simple procedure delivered by your dental team here at Rocky Point Dental Clinic. We will do everything we can to make you comfortable and put you at ease before, during, and after your procedure. A local anesthetic is provided to numb the area, and we can also speak with you about sedation dentistry if you feel apprehensive about the treatment. Our team works efficiently and carefully to restore any damages to your teeth, ensuring you can head out from our office feeling just as good as when you walked in.

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Tooth pain and tooth sensitivity can be indications of damage to the teeth. Fillings allow us to restore the natural teeth before more serious interventions are required. Book a dental exam and stay up to date with check-ups to ensure we can catch tooth decay and other damage early!

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