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Endodontists in Port Moody

Rocky Point Dental offers access to specialized endodontists in Port Moody. These dental experts have significant training and experience in diagnosing and treating tooth pain that stems from issues with the tooth roots and tooth pulp (the soft tissue inside a tooth). Most often, an endodontist will perform a root canal procedure to relieve pain and prevent future issues from arising.

Treating Tooth Pain

When severe tooth pain interferes with your daily life, endodontists can help diagnose and treat it. One of the most common reasons for tooth pain is a bacterial infection in the tooth pulp, which is located in the roots of the tooth. These infections can lead to inflammation and pain, and have the potential to become abscessed and spread to other parts of the mouth and face. It’s important that tooth pain is treated quickly by our team of endodontists, so call our dental office right away if you experience continuous, unexplained tooth or gum pain.

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