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Tooth Extractions in Port Moody, BC

Rocky Point Dental is dedicated to helping our patients maintain a natural smile whenever possible. However, some circumstances make the removal of a tooth more beneficial for long-term health purposes. In these cases, we will carefully examine your mouth, weigh the costs and benefits of removal, create a detailed treatment plan, and provide you with all of the details you need to make an informed decision about extraction.

The Process for Removing a Tooth

Although the phrase “having a tooth pulled” sounds extremely unpleasant, tooth extractions are actually fairly straightforward. Each extraction is carefully planned out to ensure minimal damage to the surrounding structures of the mouth. After making you comfortable with a local anesthetic, our team will prepare the area around the tooth or teeth to be extracted. We will loosen the tooth before fully removing it, and in some cases, we may cut the tooth to ensure a smooth extraction process. We may place sutures in the socket once the tooth has been removed, and we will ensure that you go home with detailed care instructions so you can promote quick and effective healing.

In most cases, the best oral health outcomes can be achieved when an extracted tooth is replaced. We will discuss restorative options before your removal and ensure your mouth has time to properly heal before proceeding.

Wisdom Tooth Removal in Port Moody

Our dentists in Port Moody are fully equipped to provide safe and effective tooth extractions in our dental office. We also offer sedation dentistry as an option for patients who are nervous or anxious about the extraction procedure—ask us to learn more about sedation options.

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