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Periodontists in Port Moody

A periodontist focuses on diagnosing and treating the supporting structures that surround the teeth. Periodontics most often refers to procedures associated with gum disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss. They may also treat injuries and other conditions associated with the gums and supportive tissue around the teeth, including peri-implantitis, a condition that may arise after dental implant surgery is performed.

Common Periodontal Treatments

Gum disease affects many Canadians, and when left untreated, it can progress quickly, leading to dental issues, including tooth loss. Thankfully, when addressed on time, gum disease can be treated and reversed with gum grafts, crown or tooth lengthening, pocket reduction, and root planing and scaling. These are some of the most common types of treatments a periodontist will recommend and provide for patients with advanced gum disease.

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