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Dental Veneers in Port Moody, BC

Your smile is often the first part of your face another person notices. If you want to improve that first impression, veneers may be a good approach for your cosmetic dental needs. Veneers are tooth-shaped shells made from porcelain that fit over the front surfaces of a tooth. Our experienced dentists can expertly plan the design of veneers to change the shape, size, colour, spacing, and alignment of the teeth.

Add Some Shine Back into Your Smile

Veneers are smile enhancers. They are applied to the front sides of the teeth to improve the overall appearance, which is why they are usually reserved for the front teeth of both or either of the mandibular (lower) and maxillary (upper) arches. Before the procedure, our dentists will ask you questions about your ideal smile and ensure that you are fully aware of all of the changes we can incorporate. Veneers are permanent restorations that last for many years. However, the top layers of tooth enamel need to be removed to make room for the veneers to lay flat against the teeth. For this reason, they need must be continuously replaced when they become damaged over time.

Learn More About Veneers

If you are seeking significant upgrades to your smile, ask our experienced dental professionals about veneers. We can provide you with examples of veneers we have created for patients and learn more about your goals to ensure veneers are a perfect match for your cosmetic dentistry needs.

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