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Prosthodontists in Port Moody

Prosthodontics is also referred to as prosthetic dentistry. A dentist with qualifications in prosthodontics can provide patients with artificial devices (prostheses) to replace missing teeth. If you require teeth replacements that are complex or advanced in nature, we may refer you to our prosthodontist for an in-depth consultation and treatment plan.

Fixed and Non-Fixed Dental Prosthetics

Prosthodontists can help replace missing parts of the mouth, including teeth and portions of a tooth. They can also provide replacements for areas of such as the jaw and palate. A prosthodontist can help patients make treatment decisions with the most positive outcomes for their specific situations. In some cases, they may recommend non-fixed prosthetics such as dentures, which are held in place passively. In other cases, fixed prosthetics may be more beneficial, including dental implants and bridges.

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