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Root Canals in Port Moody, BC

In a root canal procedure, our dentists remove the diseased or infected inner portion of a tooth so that we can preserve the hard outer shell. This ensures that patients can maintain more of their natural teeth for a longer period of time instead of simply extracting the tooth. We are fully equipped to perform simple root canal procedures in our dental office in Port Moody.

The Process for a Root Canal

Although we often think of the teeth as solid, hard structures, the inner portion of a tooth is made up of soft tissue that includes nerves and blood vessels. This is known as the tooth pulp, and it is essential for helping the teeth develop. However, after teeth have fully erupted, the tooth pulp may become infected with bacteria, resulting in infection. This can be extremely painful for patients, and there is a risk of the infection spreading.

To save the tooth, remove the infection, and relieve pain, our dentists will drill a tiny hole in the tooth to access the tooth pulp, removing the pulp with tools known as root canal files. After disinfecting the root canals and filling the tooth with a substance known as gutta-percha, we will secure a restorative device to strengthen the tooth, such as a filling or crown.

What to Do if Your Teeth Become Infected

Maintaining the integrity of the teeth is one of our dentists’ top priorities. If you have symptoms of an infection in a tooth, such as tooth or gum pain, or a small pimple-like protrusion on the gums (known as an abscess), be sure to reach out to book an appointment with our dental office right away.

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