Traditional Orthodontics


Dental Braces in Port Moody, BC

In some cases, traditional orthodontics (braces) remains the most effective treatment option for patients with alignment issues in their teeth or jaws. Traditional braces can be produced for children and adults alike, and modern materials allow us to design them to be aesthetically appealing. Our dentists can create various types of braces, from traditional metal braces and clear braces to lingual braces.

Treatment Planning for Braces

Rocky Point Dental knows that when you need braces for yourself or a family member, you want the process to be as convenient as possible. We provide exceptional service and make appointments quick and comfortable. Our approach to orthodontics also involves Phase I and Phase II planning treatments for children. By providing orthodontic intervention in two separate stages of development, we can often make treatment more affordable, less invasive, and more effective.

A Comfortable, Affordable Investment in Your Long-Term Health

The entire process for traditional orthodontic treatment has become more streamlined and comfortable than braces that adults today may have worn as children. We can design smaller braces with shorter treatment periods. If you have questions about your teeth or your child’s oral health, book an appointment with us today! We can provide you with a full analysis of treatment times, methods, costs, and any alternative options you may want to consider, such as Invisalign.

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