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Port Moody’s Source for Dentures

Although we all try to avoid it, there often comes a time when you have permanent tooth loss due to injury, gum disease, or tooth decay. Dentures can help fill in these gaps, restoring your smile and maintaining your oral health and confidence.

When the time comes to consider dentures, you want to be served by a group of caring professionals with experience. Look no further than the Port Moody team at Rocky Point Dental. We understand how dentures can be part of your overall need for dental care and maintenance—and, when needed, how to create and fit these appliances so patients experience the most comfortable and best-looking results.

In many cases, we can evaluate a patient and make a knowledgeable recommendation for when dentures should be used instead of, or along with, other treatments. Our doctors can help you determine the best approach to take to keep your mouth comfortable and your smile looking its best.

Full set options for dentures

Full sets of dentures completely cover or replace teeth. They are generally fitted for a patient once preexisting teeth are removed and a patient’s gums have healed. This can leave a gap in time when the patient is waiting for the new set of dentures to arrive. To avoid an inconvenient waiting period, some patients may be candidates for immediate dentures, which can be placed and used as soon as possible. This type of denture is based on measurements of your jaw and mouth that are taken before treatment begins.

There are some situations where immediate dentures may not be recommended, particularly if there is a chance that gum areas will change drastically during healing from tooth removal surgery. In these cases, immediate dentures may need to be placed or may not be recommended as a course of treatment. Our staff has the expertise in determining the best approach that will work for your situation.

Partials and other options for dentures

If you have existing teeth that can stay in place, you may not need a complete set of dentures. Instead, you might be a good candidate for partial dentures that fill in gaps between existing teeth, or for a set of dentures that can be anchored into or lay over existing teeth or implants.

Whenever we can, we like to recommend these kinds of approaches for patients. That’s because if we’re able to preserve existing teeth, they can enhance the health of your jawbone and mouth area. They also provide the optimal support for any kind of dental work or reconstruction that you may need in the future.

Denture repair and checkups

Once you have dentures, our staff will teach you about the best way to care for them, so they work well and are as comfortable as possible. From time to time, however, all types of dentures should be evaluated for any damage. Often, dentures require repair and maintenance, including cleaning and polishing, relining the side of the denture that fits against your gum tissue, and even replacing the entire denture material.

These types of repairs are expected for all denture wearers. At Rocky Point Dental, we encourage all patients to come to us for routine checkups during which we can identify and perform any maintenance that needs to take place. At these checkups, we’ll also ensure your dentures are fitting well and able to support strong overall oral health.

Call us or schedule an appointment online today for a free denture consultation or other dental services.